The Shameless Chef

A podcast series that takes us back in time to home kitchens in the 1970s, but still has a lot to teach us today. The show’s original host, Michael A. Davenport shares his fearless attitude towards food and encourages home cooks to have fun and take risks in the kitchen. Get inspired by recipes, techniques, and above all The Shameless Chef’s audacious attitude that we hope you’ll take with you in your home kitchen.
Developed for public radio in 1977, the series has been off the air for more than 40 years and many episodes have never been heard before. Sadly, Michael A. Davenport passed away in 1985; but he lived a truly vibrant life. Now the show’s original producer, Mike Schreiber is making these audio treasures available for the first time on Heritage Radio Network. Each episode includes several bite-sized segments that focus on a particular food, ingredient, or home cooking tip, accompanied by Mike’s anecdotes about the effervescent legacy of Michael A. Davenport and The Shameless Chef.